June 2016

Leather Lore, Inc. Retires from Live/Field Shows

Mail order demands for my products continue to grow dramatically worldwide!

For sixteen years Leather Lore, Inc. has been a large part of Renaissance Faires and Living History Events leaving many happy customers with quality products that enhance their daily adventures through history. Drawing the attention of many people and companies through the website the mail order demands have just skyrocketed to a point that it is no longer possible to maintain a flow of product meeting the demands.  It is for this and other considerations that Leather Lore, Inc. is announcing that it will retire from doing live shows on the festival / faire circuit and concentrate its efforts solely on mail order and special appointments!

What does this mean to you?

If you are an existing mail order customer, it means that I’m no longer splitting my time between getting out orders and generating festival stock leaving me to fully concentrate on your orders! If you are a future mail order customer, the same goes! I need more time to accommodate your needs, and I’m making it happen!

“So, you’re not at Faire anymore?”

We’ll be attending what we consider to be our home faires, plus many others that we’ve never been to! However we’ll be attending as patrons so that we may play and participate in ways we’ve not been able to do for sixteen years.

“What about your booths? What will happen to those?”

I still own the booth I’ve used at the Michigan Renaissance Festival for fourteen years. That booth is currently up for sale, and until it is sold we will be attending the faire - businesses as usual. Contact me with questions!

“What about your adorable lady at Laced Ladies, Inc.?”

Laced Ladies will also be retiring from the live shows, and does still remain active with her website and special appointments. Please feel free to contact her at: lacedladies@gmail.com.


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A small Tale of my pirate personae " Black Roger" and his wife's " Moiselle" appears in the Rogue Blades first novel!

A long time friend of Dave the Knave, Black Roger and Moiselle assist Dave with an encounter against the treacherous Captain Stackpoole.

How does it all turn out?

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Miscellaneous and Legal


PROTESTERS take notice: Boycotting leather goods will not affect the production of raw leather!

No animals were hurt or killed for the creation of these products; most leather is a by-product of the ginormous meat industry!

If my colleagues and I didn't make stuff out of it, that leather would just get thrown away and wasted.


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