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Leather Lore - Common & Exotic Hand-Made Accessories! Click here for a detailed index!


"Bringing History and Fantasy to life!"

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"Anything hand crafted is far more valuable than anything made by a machine. A hand crafted item contains not only the base ingredients but a part of someone's life, their psyche and their dreams."

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How to Order

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How to Order

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How to Order

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How to Order

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What does "Hand Crafted" mean?

First of all, lets be clear on the difference between "Hand Made" and "Hand Crafted".

Examples of Hand Made - machine stamped parts that are riveted together with a hammer, or a belt that was run through a roller stamp press that is operated by a hand crank. Though these may be "technically" hand made to some degree, don't let it fool you into thinking that it's better because of it. These items still fall into the "mass produced so I can get your buck" category.

Examples of Hand Crafted - Items that are fully made truly by hand. Cut out with hand shears, edged, finished, stained, painted, stitched, tooled, embossed, stamped; all by hand, like our medieval counterparts had done. None of my stuff is massed produced.

"But doesn't hand crafting make stuff more expensive?" Generally yes. But you need to understand that many of these other leather vendors actually raise their prices far too much. To them, it's a carnival or flea market, and they will keep their prices as high as people will spend. I by contrast, put a value on my time, note the cost of the materials, and use a spreadsheet to figure out what I should be asking my pieces. Generally I hear "Wow, that's a great price! I would have expected it to be more!". My prices fall in line with others, and are often even better. Why? Because I don't raise mine 400-600% as is common in my industry. Believe it or not, that's what happens.

All of my products are HAND-CRAFTED! I fell in love with Renaissance Faires and Medieval Recreationism! Being a student medieval history and after venturing to several faires, I soon discovered that my skills were at least comparable to other craftsman, and my ambition greater than most. What got my attention is that very few of them were interested in the art, being only interested in only making a quick buck. No one was making many items that I considered to be truly fascinating to someone wanting to see history, or necessary to a true recreationist, be them factual or fantasy, and so Leather Lore was born!

I take the trouble to research and make true items from history, some near museum quality! And I delve greatly into fantasy as well, taking on the projects that others shy away from. But it's not just the product that interests me, it's also the process.  One crafter was boasting that in order to keep up with demand, he now has a warehouse full of machines that automatically stamp out and cut his pieces for him saving much time, then he assembles them. He says that they are still hand made products because he operates the buttons and levers by hand. I disagree.

Some people will say that their stuff is hand made. So they take machine stamped parts and rivet it together by hand. 

Many crafters sell items like boots and journals. The boots are very well made, with modern soles, and by modern machines. Don't get me wrong, they are good quality, but they're not hand made. And the journals have wonderful images of dragons, castles, wizards, Celtic knot work, and so forth. But they're all stamped on by a single large stamp! Where's the craft in that? For some people that's fine.

Another crafter makes fine belts, with cool looking art along the entire length. He uses a roller machine to imprint the art. It takes him seconds. Sure, the machine is hand operated, but that doesn't make the item hand made in my opinion. I hand stamp every little bit, can take me an hour or more for one belt!

One crafter, believe it or not, even made his product from pre-packaged kits. *Shudder*

I was even told by one crafter to not take custom orders, just do the basic items, otherwise I'll get swamped with too much work. Well, so what. I do take custom work, there are some really interesting needs out there. Sure, I have to limit myself, but I do it. And to a small degree, we'll even do custom work right in the field!

And while many of my fellow crafters do make their products by hand, they do it as cheaply as possible, by which I mean that they just throw them together. They don't even bother to finish the edges, stain the back sides, and so on. One crafter had roman shoes. Sloppily cut from pre finished skin, there were even scissor marks. Obviously done in a hurry, and asking way too much money. Another crafter hires "floaters" every year and just teaches them to cut and rivet mass produced product.

  • I bother to research authentic designs and techniques.
  • I bother to make my own designs, I don't use kits.
  • I bother to listen to you, and see if I can make what you are looking for.
  • I bother to hand tool every little pattern. It can be a pain! And sure I use some modern hand tools, but not hand machines and other techniques that allow me to cheat.
  • I bother to hand stitch and sew items. I admit, modern halter tops and the like that I make I do use a sewing machine. But that is a modern product. Medieval bottells, books, and boots were hand sewn, and so are mine.
  • I bother to finish the edges, and stain the back sides.
  • I bother to teach my apprentices not only my technique, but my philosophy as well. They'll tell you that I can be very demanding at times!

As a true craftsman from the period would have done, I put in the extra touches, the details, and the things that makes each piece special. I am proud of my work, and of my craft, and I am proud of every single piece that I make, and I think that it shows.

Even my booth is hand made, and is decorated like a medieval shop! I built the frame and stitched my own canopy! My helpers and I do our best to recreate the "life" of our medieval ancestors, right down to the talk, mannerisms, clothes, foods, and decorations. We do demonstrations, and even put on little "shows" of our own! We even camp out in the booth, cook our own meals, the whole shot! (No, we don't hunt on the grounds, our usual hunting grounds are the local A&P store, and sometimes a local pizza parlor! Hey we love the life, but come on!)

Even though my stuff is all hand made with the best materials and care that personal craftsmen can provide, I keep my prices reasonable in order to compete with all the machine stamped stuff you will find elsewhere! In fact, being on the inside, I can tell you for certain than many leather vendors mark up their product way too much! Some as much as 500%! Shop around, search the internet, search the faires, take a look around, and tell me what you think! I check my email daily, so please ask questions! Want to see me in person? Check out my show schedules!





A small Tale of my pirate personae " Black Roger" and his wife's " Moiselle" appears in the Rogue Blades first novel!

A long time friend of Dave the Knave, Black Roger and Moiselle assist Dave with an encounter against the treacherous Captain Stackpoole.

How does it all turn out?

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Miscellaneous and Legal


PROTESTERS take notice: Boycotting leather goods will not affect the production of raw leather!

No animals were hurt or killed for the creation of these products; most leather is a by-product of the ginormous meat industry!

If my colleagues and I didn't make stuff out of it, that leather would just get thrown away and wasted.


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